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At it’s core, psychotherapy is about your life, and the type of life that you would like to live. There are many different ideas about mental health therapy because it comes in many different forms. The different psychological and counseling therapies can be put into four basic groups. There are ‘talk therapies’, action-based psychotherapies, memory processing therapies, and counseling therapies to help with relationships. Give us a call if you would like Psychologist. You can also book and appointment online.

Anxiety Treatment

Talk Therapies and Cognitive Psychotherapy

Talking is normally a large component psychological therapy, including cognitive therapy, psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, and humanistic therapy. Some people have initial nervousness about talking about themselves, but this dissipates quickly. Most people enjoy the opportunity to say what has really Counselling and Psychotherapy. Through the process of being able to express yourself and receive feedback from your psychologist, you will come to a greater understanding of yourself, and why you feel and act in certain ways. You will also learn that even experiences that we find shameful and embarrassing are quite normal. At times, the things that happen to us can lead to form beliefs that are untrue or unhelpful. Your psychologist will help you to identify these beliefs and find new ways of thinking that give you relief from your distress and move you towards your goals.


Action-Based and Behavioural Psychotherapies

Action based psychotherapies place a strong emphasis on taking consistent actions during, and between each session. These include behavioural interventions, acceptance and commitment therapy, and graded exposure. These therapies are often very effective. Your mental health therapist will most likely take a more direct Mental Health Psychotherapy. They will help you to rediscover your motivation and overcome the psychological barriers that are getting in the way. This process is done slowly. The key is take small actions regularly and use the strategies your psychologist will give you to regulate your emotional responses. If you engage in an action-based counseling and psychotherapy, you will find that you are rewarded for the effort that you put in.


Relationship Counseling and Psychothearapy

There are professional counseling therapies that are specifically focused on relationships, such as couples therapy. In individual psychotherapy, strategies from range of different Anxiety Treatment

therapies can be used to assist you with your relationships. These include interpersonal therapy (IPT), attachment-based therapy, object relations psychotherapy, transactional analysis (TA), and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT). There are a few common strategies that psychologists use that tend to be helpful: analysing recent conflicts and why they happened, regulating stress and emotions, noticing how emotions from one relationship can Depression Treatment., examining how unhelpful communication styles have developed, and brain storming more helpful ways of communicating about your wants, needs, and desires. Relationships are an important part of our mental health. Improvements in communication and understanding often lead to greater psychological health and relationship satisfaction.

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